From Nothing To A Little Bit More: Limited Edition Deluxe Yellow 2LP


Release date: 3 March, 2023

The Lathums state their intentions to supercharge their continued rise with the release of brand new album, From Nothing To A Little Bit More, released Fri 3rd March 2023 on Island Records.</p>

Promising a total of eleven songs, From Nothing To A Little Bit More follows the UK Official Album Charts no.1 success of the band’s 2021 debut, How Beautiful Life Can Be.

The new album features the songs ‘Sad Face Baby’ and ‘Say My Name’, with full tracklist to be revealed soon!

Featuring 6 exclusive tracks recorded live at Abbey Road – you will not be dissapointed!

1. Struggle
2. Say My Name
3. I Know Pt. 1
4. Lucky Bean
5. Facets 
6. Rise And Fall 
7. Sad Face Baby 
8. Turmoil 
9. Land And Sky
10. Crying Out 
11. Understanding

Exclusive tracks recorded at Abey Road
1. Struggle
2. Say my name 
3. I know 
4. Lucky Bean
5. Turmoil 
6. Crying Out

Vinyl LP